Provision CARES Foundation

Provision CARES Foundation


The Caring Plate

In August 2014, Provision CARES Foundation, along with Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Coalition (CAC), developed and implemented the Caring Plate. 

To date, the Caring Plate program has provided over 74,300 meals, 15,694 supplements, and 11,390 gallons of milk & juice to children, women, and men who are undergoing cancer treatment, and threatened with proper nutrition intake.

Patient Assistance Program

Provides support to people in East Tennessee undergoing cancer treatment or in immediate follow-up care to assist with expenses such as housing, transportation, food, gas, utility bills, and other ancillary expenses.

Eddie Check

Eddie Check is an annual event that promotes prostate cancer awareness and the value of early detection with a community blood drive and free PSA tests offered.

MEDIC and Nisus Corporation co-host the event, and Provision CARES Foundation sponsors the PSA tests, where more than 6900 PSA lab tests have been performed since 2014.

Pediatric Program

Provision CARES Foundation supports local pediatric cancer programs in East Tennessee.


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