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Provision CARES Foundation realizes that “support” can come in a multitude of ways for individuals threatened with their health.  Individual patient needs can sometimes extend to the entire family, where additional support is needed. 

Giving careful consideration to these needs allows Provision CARES Foundation to focus on financial support and innovative programs that provide emotional and physical support, while also partnering with other organizations who serve patient needs.

The Caring Plate

The Caring Plate supports people undergoing cancer treatment of any kind and provides access to healthy nutritious meals.   Nutrition plays an important role during treatment and recovery.  

Since its inception, The Caring Plate has provided more than 42,012 meals to cancer patients and their families. To learn more

Financial Assistance

Provision CARES Foundation realizes that patients undergoing physical, emotional, and financial rigors of cancer treatment may need financial assistance that they had not anticipated. We are here to help!

Our focus areas:

  • Help someone receiving life-saving medical care buy covering costs associated with prescription co-pays, travel to and from their treatment center and lodging when travel is too much.
  • Supporting individuals and/or families impacted by cancer treatment with home services such as utility bill support, lawn mowing, house cleaning, and laundry services while life-saving medical care is being received. 

It is through support from the community and collaborations with key partners that the Provision CARES Foundation is able to provide support people in our community that is impacted by the rigors of their cancer treatment.

In an effort to assist with these burdens, Provision CARES Foundation offers financial assistance to qualified applicants.  To learn more or apply for assistance click HERE

The Ambassador Program

Provision CARES Foundation supports The Provision CARES Ambassador Program and helps connect people and their families who are exploring different advanced cancer treatments with patient and caregiver mentors. To connect with an Ambassador please call 865-862-1600.

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