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Provision CARES Foundation realizes that the costs of healthcare may (1) prevent someone from receiving life-saving medical care, and/or (2) cause a significant financial burden to the individual or the individual’s family while life-saving medical care is being received or has been received.  In both cases, the financial burden can inhibit a healthy lifestyle.

In an effort to assist with these burdens, Provision CARES Foundation offers financial assistance to certain qualified applicants.  To be eligible for assistance, an application is required.  The application process includes a review based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:  financial need, severity of medical condition, proposed treatment options, medical care received, overall impact of grant, and cost of proposed or received treatment.

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We would like to thank the Butterfly Fund of East Tennessee ( who provided a grant to help the Provision CARES Foundation expand its The Caring Plate program and Patient Financial Assistance program to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital at Provision CARES Proton Therapy – Knoxville exclusively for pediatric patients. We would also like to recognize the East Tennessee Foundation ( which administers the Butterfly Fund and provides excellent support for grantors and grant recipients.



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