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We are deeply saddened by the passing of Jack Williamson. We wish to express our heartfelt condolences to his family. Jack will be remembered as a loving, giving family man who contributed so much to others in East Tennessee.

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Jack and Amy Williamson, along with Jack’s brother Tim Williamson, started the annual Bill Williamson Memorial Golf Tournament in June 2015, in memory of their father, Bill Williamson.

Losing Bill to prostate cancer became a driving cause for Jack and Tim to raise awareness of prostate caner for men and educate them on the benefits of early detection through screenings. It is the reason they chose to align with Provision CARES Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization that benefits cancer patients in our community.

Losing Bill on Father’s Day became a driving theme to promote family and the value of family time together. Jack and Tim spent a great deal of time with their father on the golf course, so the Memorial Tournament is held the Friday prior the Father’s Day to remember their time together as father and sons on the golf course. It became an opportunity to encourage all sons and daughters to remember or spend time with their father and invite them to the tournament for a game of golf together with extended family and friends, while supporting a good cause in our community.

Cancer patients in East Tennessee appreciate the efforts and success of the Bill Williamson Memorial Golf Tournament, which has raised nearly $600,000 to help serve tens of thousands of meals to cancer patients and provide more than $75,000 in community grants since the tournament began eight years ago. Jack and his family have made an impactful difference in East Tennessee. We will all miss Jack’s larger-than-life presence and love for all.


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