Education & Wellness

Provision CARES Foundation supports innovative educational forums and wellness programs promoting disease prevention, cancer awareness, healthy lifestyles, nutrition and healing. 

Initiatives include wellness programs for cancer patients, both during and post treatment, as well as programs for the Mind, Body and Spirit that include cancer therapeutic massage, rekki, acupuncture, art therapy and music therapy. 

Cancer Survivorship programs empower the cancer patient to life after treatment, with a continued focus on survivorship and celebration of life.

Some programs that we administer, collaborate on or refer people to include:

Screening and Wellness check-ups

In Partnership with Nisus, Medic, and The Provision CARES Foundation we have provided over 6900 PSA tests.

September 17 & 18, 2020.

In Partnership with KCBC and other local Women’s Health Centers, Provision CARES Foundation has provided over 867 mammograms, ultrasounds and MRI’s.


2095 Lakeside Centre Way, STE 101 Knoxville, TN 37922


Phone: 865.321.4589
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